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We just finished with our evening share time and the devotion tonight talked about the value of a rubber band. It’s value is only determined by how far it can be stretched- today we were definitely like rubber bands- very stretched. We traveled to a remote village called Moomba to do ministry today in a church. We were greeted by many of the church members in their “sanctuary” which was really some small branches tied together with pieces of torn banana leaves and covered by a tarp. They were singing worship songs when we arrived and then they treated us to a “traditional African dance”.


Everywhere we looked there were eyes watching us…it was quite obvious that many of the village people have not seen many Americans- they were very timid, shy, and some where actually afraid of us. The medical team shared tonight that when they were able to start this morning (broken down bus along they way) they were given a booklet with 220 names in it- these were the names of the people that had spent the night next to the church last night just because they heard that there was going to be a medical team and medicine in their village today. The team was able to see all of those people, but when they left this afternoon there were as many people still outside the building as were actually seen today. The optical team has a similar story- many people helped, but many more left behind without treatment. The children’s carnival had at least 150 children or more and once the children realized that there was nothing to be afraid of if someone was “blowing bubbles” or balloons, they had a wonderful time.


The women’s ministry was not actually in a building or structure because they just pulled a few benches out beside one of the structures and then we began. At first the women were very shy, but once we began sharing with the women, they really began to interact with us. We shared with them about Christian marriage principles, hygiene topics- including a lesson on how to floss your teeth(something they had NEVER heard of!). We also studied the book of Ruth. It occurred to me tonight as we were sharing that one of the points that we have been learning from this study is that God had a plan for Ruth in the midst of her despair, in the midst of her hurt- He had a plan for Hope and Peace. That is what we are standing on with our brothers and sisters in the Moomba village- God has a plan for them, a plan for Hope and Peace. He is the all powerful, and all knowing Provider for them- not our medical team or optical team or carnival team. In fact- even though we have already run out of a lot of supplies- the most important thing that we brought with us is the Holy Spirit in each of us. His strength is perfect, when we are at the end of ourselves.


Melodi Isbell
Church of Brook Hills (SCMD)


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The team is physically exhausted but their spirits are strong. I don’t know if you realize it but this mobile medical team is the first of its kind in Western Mundri County. Work has been done in East Mundri County but so many of the folks in the villages that we are visiting have never seen a doctor. By the end of the day the team will have seen over 750 patients.


For the family members that were left behind I encourage you to prepare yourself for the stories that will be communicated once the team returns. They have seen a depth of physical pain and suffering that will be difficult to put into words. The pictures and videos will help but they only go so far in helping each team member unpack all that is in their head. Be patient with them. The reality of life in Sudan has set in and the images are a lot to process.


We give all the glory to the Lord. He is writing a story with each of our lives. We give thanks for the goers as well as those that sent. It’s all about Him!


God Bless,


Tripp Skipper
Mundri, Sudan


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Thank you for your prayers!!


Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.” Hebrews 13:16 (NLT)







Brothers and sisters, I want thank you for your constant prayers and love for the people of south Sudan who are pushed out of their homes due to civil war. Above is the picture of Bidi-bidi refugee settlement currently is the world’s largest refugee settlement. Continue to pray for us as we are ministering in this camp.

I also want thank all of you who have helped buy giving towards the purchase of the van. It has been a great blessing in our ministry. It was small but it is working very hard. The road was very challenging sometimes but we are so grateful for this van. Thank you once again for your generosity!!!!


The hope is raising among the South Sudanese refugees who are in Uganda. The gospel is the only hope for all nations. By the grace of God we were able to distribute thousands of bibles in both English and native languages. Many pastors and church leaders including church planters were able to get training that they need for their various ministries. Continue to pray for Bishop Akim, Pastor Sunday and pastor Sosthen.



Those men of faith are working tireless in sharing of the gospel and making disciples among the refugee people. As you pray with us, also pray that God will send you to fellowship with the refugee people here in Uganda.


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I will begin with thanking God for who He is and Him being in control of everything that happens under the sun. The month of July has been the most difficult for the people of South Sudan. We were supposed to celebrate our 5th independence anniversary but all turned into full-scale war. This war was nothing I witnessed before, the fight broke out on the on the July 07 between the solders loyal to President and his deputy and the following day the two leaders met to discuss about the incident while meeting the fight broke again outside the presidential palace where over 370 people lost their lives in that evening alone. I was in the guest house to meet our friend Ben who when to Nuba Mountains to share the gospel. On my way back home the solders has stop me and checking my bag and they are asking if I have any gun with me. I told them I have no gun but I have bible they said “pastor go home and do not come out because things are going to get worse in next few house” by the time I am getting home less than 10 minutes I hard the gun fire and that was all out war!!


The following day more soldiers were deployed in the Juba and early Sunday (I was supposed to go and preach on that Sunday) the worse began in Juba and all the surrounding areas in Juba and other parts of the country engaged in full scale civil war…thousands of people have lost their lives in just matter of one week. Many people have been displaced from their homes and many are still looking for their loved ones. Many people want exit the country but the government could not allow anyone to go especially for the grown up man. The hope of building strong and Christian nation is becoming unreachable. However, in the middle of this war God have given us the privilege of serving other people who are in need of food and shelter. We have both Sudanese and Ugandans who came and took refugee at our house and we were able to show the love of Christ in the times of difficulties. We almost run out of food that time but we have the plenty of cassava leaves and we were able to eat and God has blessed it for us.


Brothers and sisters I have seen God working through this and I can tell you I am the one person that do not even hear gunshot and even to be close to guns…but in this war I was strong and positive because of out pouring prayers of believers in America. I was able to go into town to look for the food for my family when gun was silence. The bodies are all over the place and what I have not seen in my lifetime I have seen it.


I am so thankful for FCM and all of you that have given generously to evacuation me, Charles and the rest of my family from Juba. It was not easy for me and Charles to leave the country because all men are not allowed to exit the country. We have to go through national security and military intelligence office to clear us to exit the country. We have final made to Uganda and find a place to rent.


After getting house in Kampala we went back to border of South Sudan and Uganda to pick mother and rest of family and then to Kampala. I want thank all of you once again for the collectively effort from many different people to make this possible. Pray that God will continue to meet the financial needs as we have moved in new place which is safe and peacefully but we have to buy everything that we are going to need. Back in South Sudan we have our own garden that we have all the vegetables we need but here in Kampala we do not have. Pray and share our stories with you family and friends to consider giving monthly to support me here in Uganda.


God is not done with South Sudan I am planning to go back there when things get better but the family will have to be here in Kampala and I will have to travel in between. South Sudan needs gospel and nothing is going to stop us from sharing Christ, we serve a mighty God!! Thank you for your prayers and support in this most difficult time in the history of country.


To God be the glory forever and ever amen!


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Dear partners in the gospel of Jesus Christ,


It has been crazy month of June with all of its ups and down but above all our God reigns and his Kingdom will never end. One of the difficult things we have dealt with as ministry of FCM was passing of our team member faithful servant of Christ Myron West. This man has challenged us to lay down our lives for the gospel to enter all tribes and all nations. We are rejoicing and celebrating incredible work that he had done among people of Africa.


Juba is still crazy in many ways but I love this place and God is connecting me with so many different people and I am grateful for that. I have moved in my two-roomed house and I love it and I am thankful that I can stay at my house and share the love of Christ with other people who are around me. I am nine miles outside the city. Going to city is another story, I walk half mile to get to the main road and then three and half miles to get to the bus station and then to town. Coming back the same way… I am growing old on this road my friends!!! There is no electricity and running water where I live.


My nearest water pump is about half mile, some times I can go and collect water and carry them home and I can tell you it was not fun at all, but now I am getting used to this blessed life style that Lord had given me and am grateful for that. (If you and your church want help us by drilling well close to our home and community that will be greatest gift you can ever give to the whole village). I met an old lady at well and decided to help her by carry her water and then come and get my water it was not the best thing but I am glad the older lady has water to drink. I can see how hard for the ladies in South Sudan walking miles to collect water. Older lady and I both met at the well and God is using those relationships for his glory… the next time she came to our house for the women fellowship that is the ministry my mother was part of. The ladies go around homes every Tuesday to fellowship and share the love of Christ and pray for each other. I thank God for meeting her and inviting her to come to attend the fellowship.


I want thank God for the opportunity that He has given to me to start bible study with our local Church. We have started the gospel of John and we are not even finished the first Chapter so far we are still in the verse 18. It was great response from our group and many people are every excited to see how John introduced Jesus. It is our prayers by the time we finish first chapter many eyes will open to the truth of the gospel. Also I have met with some of Students who are from North Sudan and are currently studying in Juba and other places in East Africa. We are planning to start small group to study bible and everyone will be invited including the Muslims. Pray for us as we have all these in plan and I trust that Lord is about do some thing that we have ever witnessed in the history of our country.


I also wanted thank all of you for your prayers as many of you know that I have been helping our team member Ben by purchasing over 4000 Arabic bibles and now all those bibles have made to North Sudan. Pray for him, as he is current in Nuba Mountains sharing the gospel of Christ in one of dangerous places on earth. We all thank God for Ben for his obedience to the call of God.




I want thank many of you for responding to call for buying Nuer bibles, in coming days we are going buy all those bibles and give to Bishop John Gattek so that he can give to his members. His church have gone through a lot in the past civil war, I am glad that we are coming to help them by giving bibles and also help in training pastors. If you want ask you church or small group to help us we will appreciate it so much the cost of bible is only $2 you can donate to Four Corners under Bullen Timo.


Also I want praise God for our friend Kenyi whom God has blessed with baby girl, yesterday he came with new friend Malish who is also young man. Pray for those two as I share Christ with them.




Pray for me as I planning to put fence around my house, the price of everything has gone higher; my original budget is not going to cover. Fence is very important it can provide some security also my solar penal budget will not be able to cover. If you want help in any way I will appreciate. Pray for more connections in coming days so that I will be able to share and engage with other churches in Juba area. Pray for computer since I get here my computer is not working I am not sure what is issue.


Thank you very much for all you have done so far for the Kingdom of God! I know I am not alone here your prayers and sweet notes and encouraging emails have given me more Joy and peace to continue with what God has called me to do. Thanks for your love for Christ and His people!!! Together we are team for the gospel and this gospel shall be preached to the END!




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To God be the glory for grate things he has done…. It has been already one mouth since I left the states and made back to South Sudan. The joy of being home and hearing your own language and many other languages. Singing songs in my native language and talking with old friends after many years has been a blessing to me.


Juba is a new place for me and I have not stayed here for many days at all but now it is officially my home and I will be dowelling here for some times as the Lord leads. There are so many things in this BIG city with millions on people, some came from their home land to take refugee here and some migrate here for work and others found them self there from neighboring countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Central African and Sudan. All those here are working or doing small businesses in this city.


Juba is place with many people from different walk of life… when you go on the streets you can see the hopelessness in the faces of many people and the need for the gospel is sever in this land. There are churches here but most of the churches are congregating on tribal bases which can be seen with other tribes as some thing that they are not part of. The need for discipleship among the believers to help them in their walk with Lord so that they can make disciples of other nations/ tribes is present.


Economic situation in the country is getting worse and worse. The price of goods and food items are very higher. Due to conflicts many people were not able to cultivate their gardens or forced to live their land. Therefore, it has become difficult for the people to afford to buy food for their families and those who are working have not being paid in four months. Life is very had for many in Juba but God is using this to draw Sudanese to Him self and you can see the joy in the midst of all this issues.


In the past three weeks I have been working to finish my house, which is still working progress, and I have been working in my garden. But above all sharing the gospel and love of Christ with those that I come in contact with. God have blessed me with good people around me and I have peace of mind this is what He had called me to do and I love it so much. Meeting with one of top generals at my house for coffee and eating mango together was a blessing for me to spend time with this man. Also Bishop John from Bentiu whose church have been destroyed by this current conflict praying with him as his church members where living in UN camps in order to be protected from order tribes who is killing them. Working along my side in the farm with Mika who have just separated with his wife or spending time with my dear Kenyi who is seeking hope and new life but could not find any because he is not seeking God’s Kingdom.


God is doing His work brothers and sisters my own sin gave me millions of reasons not to come back in this land of South Sudan. The land that has war with itself, people are killing each other and suffering is present everywhere you turn. People are running out of here instead of running in here. But our God is bigger that all of those issues. He sends me back here in the middle of all this to have Joy and peace in my heart and see things from His prospective. I want thank God for what He has already done and a lot to come in future. He is my comfort, rock, defender and Lord. I have asked nothing from him but over flowing JOY! To keep me going in this land and share His love with others.


Thanks for your prayers and support. Some of you are generous enough to give monthly to support me in South Sudan. Your kindness and love is true evidence of partnerships in the gospel of Christ. Giving your money and praying for missionaries is not easy…. Not everyone wants do. You can keep your money for your self and enjoy good life…. But what will be result of that for some one who is lost and in need of savior? Or you can give small amount for the work of the Lord so that this gospel shall be preached and people get saved and spend eternity in the presence of Lord for eternity. This is what you need to ask your family, small groups, faith family… The gospel is now!!! And we can wait for any more enemy is giving every reason not to go and preach the gospel but we know this massage of good news is unstoppable!!!


Pray for the gospel work to spread through out this land to all 64 tribes of South Sudan, Pray for Kenyi, Mika, and our discipleship program that we are planning to begin in July. Pray for Bishop John who is need of Nuer bibles for him members (bible cost $2 here in Juba). Pray for peace in our country and also pray for transportation in Juba. It is very hard to get around here pray that God will provide for us used car that we can afford to buy.


Blessings upon blessings!


Bullen Timo


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Greetings Everyone!


We hope you enjoy this {rough} tour of the Abaana’s Hope Guest House. I will be posting a tour of the third missionary home within the next day, so stay tuned to view the Payton’s House!


Payton Missionary House Tour

Here is the tour of the third missionary home. The future home of the Payton family!


Everyday these homes change, it is a joy to watch the progress knowing what these houses will mean for the future of Abaana’s Hope and the missionary families. I hope you enjoy! 


Chase and I took this video several days ago and in the time it took me to edit and post this video, the house now has a roof! Pictures to follow soon!


Thank you again to everyone who has donated to make this guest house a reality! If you have been on an AH mission team you already realize the value of not having to drive back and forth to town everyday. If you have not been on a team to serve at AH, come join the fun and you will get to see what it is all about. I promise, you will quickly learn what a blessing this guest house is going to be to our friends at AH and to all team members. Also, thank you for your continued prayers as we minister to our workers and for their safety as they complete these houses.


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Hey everybody! We hope this update finds you all well. As we get closer to our departure, and certainly when we are on the field, we want to keep everyone as up to date as possible on what we are doing, and more importantly on what God is doing. As I (Josh) type this, we leave in EXACTLY 9 weeks (Tuesday, May 24). Things are certainly beginning to get real. We are now at about the same length of time before departure that we were at last time when we got delayed. Anything past this will be new territory for us.


Currently, Kim is busy learning how to keep our family, teammates, and friends healthy in the bush. Right now, she is just outside of Asheville, NC attending Equip International’s Missionary Medical Intensive. She has covered everything from how to stitch up cuts, to delivering babies, to diagnosing and treating tropical diseases. It is literally a crash course in bush medicine. For nearly the last two weeks, they have been going literally from 8 a.m. until around 11:30 p.m. most nights. She has a couple of more days before she gets home. We know that the information she has obtained will potentially be lifesaving for someone in the bush…..but the kids and I are really…..really………..really ready for mom to get back. Pray for her these last couple of days and she completes her training.


When she gets back, our family is going to have a few days together of “downtime” due to the kids having spring break, and then we are putting the pedal to the medal. We still have supplies to purchase, logistics to work out, doctors appointments to finish up, and other general business that goes into moving your family to the other side of the world.


We get asked all the time how our fundraising is going. God has been so faithful in providing what we need, when we need it. We really have two “types” of fundraising. We have our one time expenses that people can give a one time donation toward. These are things like airfare, our vehicle, setting up our house, etc. Praise be to God, we have met and even exceeded our target goal for our one time expenses.


We also have our recurring monthly expenses. As the name suggests, these expenses that recur every month, like our living expenses, any utilities, fuel, salary, etc. Typically if someone wanted to support us in this way, it would be a recurring monthly donation. To date, we are still a little short of where we would like to be on the monthly support. However, we know God will provide every penny needed.


We are so thankful for faithful churches and individuals who have come alongside us financially in any way. Most have been with us from the beginning and did not waiver a bit when we were delayed. That speaks volumes. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We would also ask you to pray and consider supporting as well. If you or your church may be interested in partnering with us financially, simply click here. Feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook for more information or if you have questions.


Lastly, please join us in prayer over the next couple of months. Pray for me, to lead my family well Spiritually, emotionally, and physically as we prepare for this new journey. Pray for Kim as she prepares to pack our lives into 24 plastic totes to take to another continent. Pray for our children, that God will build excitement and anticipation for the move. Pray for our teammates at Abaana’s Hope and for the Acholi people they are ministering to, that God will continue to move in major ways, and the gospel will continue to be made known.


I will continue to update as often as time will allow. Thank you all for tagging along with us on this new adventure.
God bless,
The Moody Tribe


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Happy National Women’s Day to all the ladies out there! National Women’s Day is actually a big deal in Uganda. It is even a public holiday! In a place where women are normally cast aside and treated as property, it is refreshing to see them be pampered for at least one day out of the year. If only they were treated as equals {not same} the other 365 days. The ministry still has its work cut out for itself to continue spreading God’s message that women are to be treated with love like Christ loved the church. We see the reality of this almost everyday.



Without any prompting, my fantastic husband decided he wanted to cook lunch for the former and current ladies, and their families, at the Women’s Refuge Center. He spent the morning, along with a few volunteers who wanted to join in on the fun, frying 6 chickens, making 6 kilo’s of rice and a traditional Ugandan soup. Chase did a fantastic job on the southern fried chicken! I was impressed! Winnie, Abaana’s Hope Farm Manager, and Stephen, Abaana’s Hope Farm assistant, made sure the rice and traditional Ugandan soup were made perfectly. Both Winnie and Stephen work closely with the ladies at the Women’s Refuge Center, so it was a joy to see them want to bless the ladies.


The ladies and their families enjoyed every bite and even went back for seconds of the chicken. We might actually make southerners out of a few people yet!




The children LOVED the fried chicken! They enjoyed it so much that they wanted me to capture every bite! haha…






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Monday marked the first day back to school for these teenagers! It is a HUGE accomplishment to attend a secondary school in Uganda and we could not be more proud to watch these kids grow into young adults! Thank you to all the sponsors that helped make this happen!


Secondary schools are scarce in most Ugandan villages. In our area the children have to travel 10 kilometers to and back from school everyday. Abaana’s Hope has began a driving ministry to get our students, in the Child Development Program, to school safely and on time. Every morning at 6 a.m. the children wait on the road side for Chase to pick them up in the  ministries newly remolded taxi/ambulance! Yes, there is such a thing!


Here is a picture from their first morning of school! They are a good looking bunch and two of the boys still need one more sponsor.Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring them? Visit the Child Development Program website for more information,





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