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Today was our last day of work here in the communities that surround the city dump of Maracaibo. We divided up into two teams this morning to accomplish several tasks. One team stayed at Fueñte de Amor to work on any dogs and cats that the people in the community wanted worked on. They worked about 35 dogs and cats throughout the morning. The rest of us went to a household very close to the church to work their pigs. We have been there several time and the owners were very excited to see us coming again. Most of the pigs that this household sells go to people who want to actually raise pigs. This is a contrast to many of the houses that we visit whose animals are either to eat or to use to barter for other goods. They had about 60 pigs and it took most of the morning to work them. We rode to a local farm store with Salvador to let him show us some of the supplies that he uses the most and we were able to buy some of it for him. We ate lunch at Fueñte de Amor with the other mission group that is here working with ITAM. In the afternoon we went to another farm and worked about 30 sheep and about 30 cows. We were able to work the sheep quickly and easily, but each cow had to be roped and worked individually so it took a lot of the afternoon to work them. When we were done there, we took the bus to the dump and those who had never been before were able to go up onto the dump. We ended our work week by going back to Fueñte de Amor and saying goodbye to our friends. It is always hard to leave after such an intense and productive week with our friends at Fueñte de Amor. Salvador poured his heart out to us as we gathered to pray at the church, which deeply impacted our group. Tomorrow we have sight seeing planned around the city of Maracaibo. It should be a good day of rest and reflection on what the Lord has shown us this week through doing His kingdom work.


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Well, the day started off worse than the other two days.
I won’t mention what happened, just in case April and Nicole are reading this. I’m okay, walking & talking. Let me tell you about the person I have as an amazing brother in Christ. His name is Harold Heard. He went far and beyond as a roomate down here. Mrs. Jean Heard raised this man right. I will always have him and my family in my prayers.


Now, about today. We went door to door this morning at the church at the dump, handing out food bags, tracts, and bibles. We also led several to the Lord. Then we went back to the church. There, we had our lunch. It was a very good meal of rice, chicken, vegetables in corn tortillas, and I had a light Coke to drink. We as a team decided to give up what we didn’t eat to the local families. If you could just see what some of our fellow men live in….most of the houses down here are dirt floors. Very few have concrete floors. Now we are going to the dump to feed the people there.


We don’t go by ourselves to the dump. People from the church (La Cosecha de Jesus) go with us to hand it out. Life in the dump doesn’t see the difference between kids and older kids. We fed kids and elderly people both. One kid came up to Vicky and myself pointing at the Bible I was holding, so I gave him one. We could see and smell that he was sniffing glue. We also saw a kid sniffing glue from a Coke bottle.


By the way, I didn’t tell you it was raining. One of the people from the dump came to me and gave me and Vicky and umbrella. We were soaked by the time we got the umbrella, but we used it anyway.


As we were sitting and waiting for the food to arrive, a group of men came up to ask about the box on top of the van. It was our trash, but they climbed up and took it off the van’s rack to get it. A picture of this doesn’t do any good to look at. You need to be here first hand.


Tonight, we went to Pastor Tim’s church. The service was awesome! Ms. Jenny led the music. Some older girls danced and praised to the Lord, and some smaller ones too. One of the smaller ones was Jenny’s daughter. After the praise, we all got up to tell about our testimony. Teresa Farmer led it off, then Vicky, myself, and Harold. I read from 1 Timothy 1:9-10. Then Pastor Kevin’s wife got up and asked Jerry to bless a young mother’s baby. Everyone did a wonderful job. Then the church members put us in a circle and surrounded us with prayer. We said farewell after that.


I want to thank 4 Corners Ministries, Tripp, Gary, and Jerry for this opportunity to serve the people of Honduras. I also want to thank Trinity Baptist Church for allowing us to go. Also, thank you to Teresa, Jenna, Vicky, Harold, Sheila, Miguel, and Tito.


– Rickey Martini


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Surprise Birthday!
Jenna turned 22 yesterday, so we surprised her with cake and coffee. No one knew of the surprise awaiting at dinner tonight. We went to Pizza Hut, and the entire staff came out to clap and sing happy birthday. Unlike in the states, the Hondurans top off the celebration with dancing too!


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The Honduran team


Miguel and Tito were huge this week. Miguel translated and Tito drove. Sounds simple right? Just ask a team member about the awesome job these guys did with challenging roles. We thank God for their help.


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The second veterinary mission team completed another full day of work in Venezuela on Wednesday. It rained very hard last night and continued to rain all morning as we went out to work. It did not take long for all of us to be covered in mud and soaking wet. It always makes for an interesting day working pigs when there has been so much rain. We worked today in a community very close to the dump. It was the first time this week that we have been that close to the dump, so several of our team members were seeing it for the first time. We worked mainly pigs today, with the exception being a coplue dozen sheep and about 5 donkeys. In the afternoon we worked for about an hour in the same community and then began giving out food. We divided into two teams, each containing with some ITAM staff and Fueñte de Amor members. All together we gave out about 30 bags of food and prayed for each family that we left food with. When both teams were out of food, we gathered back around the bus and had a small carnival for the community children. It is always an amazing time when we get to interact so intimately with all the children. We were going to try to go to the city dump today but the weather did not permit us to go; however, we are going to try to go again tomorrow. Tomorrow is our last work day and we will be working in the community that surrounds Fueñte de Amor.


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Its another wonderful day in Tegucigalpa as the team made the trek up the mountian side to El Rancho Ebenezer. We all had a great time with the kids at the Orpanage or (ELRANCHO) First we took a tour of the Ranch, picked the most wonderful blackberries you have ever seen, saw a coffee plantation, visited the school, and just hung out and played a little soccer with the kids.
Here at ElRancho they have 41 children in the school,(k-12) a mix of honduran nationals and American children who have parents that have dedicated their lives to make a difference in the life of some Honduduran children. Our Team had an opportuinty to go to Jessie’s Room and met his class where he teaches 4th and 5th grade math. We also had a chance to help a little with the black berry harvest that is in full swing here. The Blackberries are as big as your thumb sweet and delicious!
While The team I had the opportunity to go to a local comunity just out side SanMateoas and visit with Pastor Andreas Martinez of the local church Iglesia Mobimiento Misonero Nacional. I was able to share 4 corners Mission of Enabling the local Church with him. We were able to meet at his church which is a large building with a dirt floor, no windows, no doors, no Pulpit other than two peices of wood nailed together. The only pews that they have are split wood that has been attached to tree shafts buried in the dirt floor. The are is a very poor area and they have many physical needs. When I asked Pastor Andreas what needs were the greatest in his commuinity his answer was that of teaching the local church to minster to the community, Evangelism in the community, food for the poor, but most of all spiritual teaching. I explained that We have medical, and dental teams that come to Honduras at times, I told him of Dicipleship training that 4 Corners does at times, and we talked about door to door evangelism and bible distribution. We even talked about small construction teams that could visit if the lord so led. When I had finished telling him about the vision that 4 Corners has I asked Pastor Andreas how he felt about what I had said. Pastor Andreas looked me in the eye, tears began to well up in his eyes and he saidthrough an interpreter: “I thought that God had forgotten what I had been praying about for years” “I almost thought that he had forgotten us” It was a moment that was inspired by God as I sat and saw the response of Pastor Andreas. I promised that we would come back in June and do a day of Medical and Dental ministry and that we would pray about future teams to this impoverished area. Pastor Andreas was so happy and we prayed for his church, his ministry, and the spiritual growth of this small but dedicated group of christians.
In the afternoon we had a chance to play soccer, do crafts, bible teaching and make baloons for the children of this community just across from the church and the school. We had over 100 local children to play with and share the love of christ . Finally as the evening drew to and end we all hugged the children and say good buy and went down the mountian back to the city. I
think that each team member left a little of them selves in the soccer field and in the hearts of he children of San mateas today.
We ask that you continue to pray for Pastor Tim the leader of La Cosheca De Jesus in Tegucigalpa as he underwent major surgery for cancer last saturday. He is out of the Hospital and doing better than expected after the massive sugery that he underwent.


Gary Clark


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This day started off with me not feeling too great, but I¨m doing this down here for not me but for our God. This morning, Jesse Tiner came and had breakfast with us. We went to Ebenezer Academy with Jesse. The principal of the school showed us around the facilities. She showed us where they grow the coffee trees, and banana trees, and the blackberries. We had lunch at the school – rice, and vegetable soup, and blackberry juice. It was delicious!



Then we started going door to door. We had 2 come to the Lord, a grandmother and a grandaughter. Then later on, we had a carnival in an open field with the children of the school and village. We had ball toss, bible story, balloons, and a pinata. Harold and I did over 150 balloons this afternoon and Gary jumped in to help us blow them up. It´s so great to watch the kids faces as we gave them balloons and just to see the smiling faces of the children.


– Senor Rickey Martin


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The second veterinary mission team from Auburn University set out again on Tuesday to serve the communities that surround Fueñte de Amor. We started out this morning working in the community of Rafael, a member of Fueñte de Amor. We have worked with him many times in years past and it was good to see an old friend and spend some time with him. This morning we also worked with a veterinarian from the Venezuelan government who has been assigned to that particular community. She travelled with us in the morning and was impressed with our work. As she parted ways with us she told us to let her know if she could be of any service to us in the future. It is amazing how God connects people to be used for His glory and His kingdom. After another wonderful lunch at the church, we played volleyball and basketball for a few minutes, then headed back out to the same community. In the afternoon we worked a rather large farm with about 30 pigs and 15 sheep. We have worked on his animals for several years and he is always so thankful for everything we are able to do. He was so excited to see us coming and talked with us for about 10 minutes after we were done expressing his thanks and telling us of how he has seen improvement in his animals since the vet teams first started coming to his home. We returned back to the ITAM house tired once again, but thankful for another day to do the Lord´s work and spread His LOVE. Tomorrow we are going to work in the morning, deliver food and have a carnival in the afternoon, and then have supper at Fueñte de Amor!!


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