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Hey everyone.  It’s been a while since we have posted, because quite frankly, we have been so busy with eight kids that we haven’t been able to see straight.  The last several months have been very difficult.  Our lives were turned upside down.  We have battled sickness in kids.  We have dealt (the best we can) with emotionally fragile children (our niece and nephew AND our own).  We’ve spent most every night up with at least one child.  Kim and I have had days when we absolutely did not think we could take any more.  But God never left.  We survived another day and then another and another.  He poured out grace upon grace and proved Himself faithful.  Everyday.



By His grace, last Tuesday, February 2nd, our niece and nephew whom we had grown to love like our own children got to be reunited with family in the care of their mom and grandparents.  Please continue to pray for all of them as they begin this healing process.


So that brings us back to Uganda and Abaana’s Hope.  We are beyond excited to let everyone know that after a lot of prayer, we have rebooked our flights and we now have a new departure date of May 24th!!!


Why May 24th?  Why not like next week?  Well, to be honest, with all that has gone on over the last 6 months, we have had to put our move on the back burner.  We haven’t been able to focus on Africa very much.  So we first of all have to re-focus our attention on Uganda.  We have to finish purchasing supplies and working out logistics.  (Turns out, moving your family to the other side of the planet is quite the undertaking.)  Kim also has a two week bush medicine course that she is taking in North Carolina in March.  This is a missionary medical intensive that specializes in teaching missionaries medical skills in remote places where medical care might not be easily accessible.  We feel like this course will be invaluable for our time in the bush in Uganda.  The last reason, and one of the most important is that we want the kids to be able to finish out the school year.  Their world is about to be turned upside down as it is.  There is no reason to uproot them with two months of school left.


So that’s it.  In just a few months, God willing, we will be on the ground serving in Uganda.  We are ready to get there, but we are so thankful for the lessons God has shown us and for the opportunity to pour into our niece and nephew over the last six months.  He is good and gracious beyond our comprehension!


From the day this is being typed, we have 107 days!  Let the countdown begin……….again!
We would appreciate your continued prayers!
The Moody Tribe


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Greetings Everyone!


We hope you enjoy this {rough} tour of the Abaana’s Hope Guest House. I will be posting a tour of the third missionary home within the next day, so stay tuned to view the Payton’s House!


Chase and I took this video several days ago and in the time it took me to edit and post this video, the house now has a roof! Pictures to follow soon!


Thank you again to everyone who has donated to make this guest house a reality! If you have been on an AH mission team you already realize the value of not having to drive back and forth to town everyday. If you have not been on a team to serve at AH, come join the fun and you will get to see what it is all about. I promise, you will quickly learn what a blessing this guest house is going to be to our friends at AH and to all team members. Also, thank you for your continued prayers as we minister to our workers and for their safety as they complete these houses.


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Our Abaana’s Hope Farm Manger, Winnie, is excited to share our chicken house is being renovated! It is turning into a new home for about 200 laying hens!






Please ignore my amateur videographer skills with my super professional Iphone 4s!


From Winnie-“Hello, I am Winnie, the farm manger at Abaana’s Hope. Right now, we are in the poultry house and we are constructing a brooder. We will keep the chicks in the brooder for one month. We are going to keep them in the brooder [here] until the chicks have well developed wings. Then we can remove them from the brooder. So, right now we are creating a brooder to create enough warmth and the suitable amount of temperature that the chicks might need.


On the ground [here it] is the bedding for the chicken, made of rice. This is a rice house.


We are going to put 200 chicks in this house. They will produce 6 trays of eggs a day. This will meet the needs of the community.


Inside our brooder [here] we are going to provide a source of heat and a drinker for drinking water. Also, we are going to spread the newspaper inside the brooder. So that we can put the food for the chicken. The chicks will feed from the brooder here and at the same time they will be drinking water. And also we shall be providing heat, suitable temperature until they have grown their wings.”


Don’t you just love her accent! In the past few years we have learned the community likes to eat eggs, but hardly anyone sells eggs. Everyone prefers to raise chickens, rather than use their eggs for eating. We are excited to provide the community with an actual egg supplier, and I am so thankful we will not have to drive 45 minutes into town to get eggs!









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This week I have had to test several precious children to see if they had malaria. Every time I have to prick their tiny fingers with a needle it breaks my heart.


This morning Chase went to check on the progress of the new ot-lums being built at the Women’s Refuge Center and found sweet Maurine had a fever and was not feeling well. He called me to meet him at the Abaana’s Hope Medical Center so that I could test her for malaria. This was not and will not be Maurine’s last malaria test. It is the reality of living in Uganda. She already knew what was coming and held her little hands tight in a fist trying to prevent us from getting her finger to be able to prick it. Oh’ how it hurts my heart to hear any child cry in fear or pain. But, to be the one inflicting the pain is terrible!!



Needles to say Uncle Chase and Auntie Kimmey were not her favorite people this morning. We both cannot stand to see her sad, so Chase quickly went to get her a treat from our American stash of food. After testing her, we found she did have malaria, we dossed her medicine and Chase presented her with her first experience with Sour Patch Kids. Judging by her reaction, I would say she will be a forever fan of sour gummies! After all, a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down!



Please say a prayer for Maurine and all the precious children that are currently suffering from malaria!


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Have you ever done something with the intentions of blessing others, but in reality you are blessed abundantly more? Well this is one of those cliche experiences that have brought us that exact blessing or in this case, a refuge, from the {good} chaos associated with our life in Uganda. We intended to bless the families at the refuge center by continuing their weekly bible study, but by pausing and spending time in God’s word with these families we have found our own blessing of a refuge.


Several months back, Myron began leading a Bible Study at the Women’s Refuge Center. Since Myron and his family are on fur-low in the states, Chase has had the opportunity to lead the ladies and their children in Bible study. Our time with these ladies and their many children has now turned into our refuge from the chaos of life. The hustle and bustle of being pulled in 100 different directions takes a quick halt as we pull up at the refuge and are greeted by gleeful smiles and waves. The young children quickly grab several reed mates for everyone to sit on. As the sun is setting, we all gather around together to study Gods word. By the end of the evening chickens have began to roost in the trees above our heads. Many of the young children find rest in their mothers laps as the temperature begins to drop.


It is a beautiful time for these women and their families to study Gods word, we are thankful to have this refuge!



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Today I got to watch as our Abaana’s Hope Social Worker told two teenage boys and one young boy that they had been sponsored to be a member of Abaana’s Hope Child Development Program. The Child Development Program at Abaana’s Hope is designed to assist vulnerable children in realizing their full potential in Christ, in the home, and in the community. All three of the guys were excited, but the young boys reaction was nothing less than pure joy. It was the sweetest, most precious thing I have seen in a while. His smile went from ear to ear, he began clapping and then he quickly tried to hide his uncontrollable smile, as so many do in this culture. But, there was no chance of him concealing his beautiful smile!


How sweet it was to watch this boy have such excitement about getting the opportunity to attend school for the first time in a year. He had to drop out of school because his mother lacked the means to pay for him to attend. He understands what it is like to be the boy that sits at home while all of his friends attend school. He knows what it is like to watch his siblings go to school, but know there is not enough money to send him to school. He knows what it is like to be the only boy at the borehole with out a uniform on. Even at such a young age he knows what it is like to feel like an outcast.


But, now, here is the great part! He has now been chosen, by someone he has never met to be apart of a Godly holistic program. He now knows what it is like to get a second chance. Let me tell you, I can guarantee he is grateful to attend school again. He is grateful to have the opportunity to learn. He is grateful to be taught. He is grateful he was chosen. He is grateful to the person or family that chose to give $40 a month to make him apart of the Child Development Program.


I am also thankful. I am thankful for all of the individuals that believe in Abaana’s Hope enough to sponsor children through the Child Development Program. I am thankful to get to watch these children and their families grow spiritually and emotionally as they attend bible studies, Sunday school, special programs, and school. I am thankful I get to work with an organization that does not just pay a child’s school fees and then forget about them or their families. I am thankful to work with an organization that believes in a holistic approach to come along side families and ultimately point them to Christ.


On behalf of our children in the child development program I say thank you. If you would like to sponsor a child, we have many still available! Simply go to the website, Child Development Website, and follow the instructions.


Here is a glimpse of some of the children in the program. I could take pictures of these kids all day long! They are adorable and a challenge all at the same time!


It is the ministries goal to have a maximum of two sponsors per child. The children below still need at least one sponsor… If you click on the pictures below, each picture is labeled with the child’s name that you can match on the website, Child Development Website.














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The people of Northern Uganda are an amazing joy to be around. They are a caring, compassionate, hard working people. One of the things I love most about them is that they display a genuine hunger for God’s word. They want to know the truth about God and they long for people to help teach them about the Bible. Julie has begun a women’s discipleship group at Abaana’s Hope and generous people have given us enough bibles to provide each lady with her own copy of God’s word. I cannot possibly explain how excited these women are. Some of them cannot read and so we have equipped them with audio bibles. They have been overjoyed to the point of tears by the fact that they can access God’s truth for the first time!


Like I said, they are genuinely hungry for the Word of God, which is why my heart is so burdened by the fact that so few “ministries” here in Gulu seem interested in actually teaching the Bible!


Every few months a new religious circus comes through town in the form of a religious crusade advertising healing, signs, wonders, miracles, and spiritual breakthroughs. People show up to these events hoping to receive something from God, hoping that God will bless them, or hoping that God will heal their hurts. These false prophets prey on the dire needs of the people, appealing strictly to their self-centered desires. People are taught to buy into Jesus as a form of an investment scheme rather than surrendering to Him as their sovereign Savior and Lord. These “Prophets of God” are little more than warmed over witchdoctors and the Acholi people are falling prey to them in droves.




After only eight months here on the ground I am certainly not an expert in Ugandan culture but it is pretty easy to see why the Acholi people are wooed so easily by these false prophets. They find it very easy to make the jump from their traditional tribal religion to the prosperity gospel because frankly there is not much difference between the two. The traditional religion of Northern Uganda is animism. Animism is a belief in a spirit world that organizes and animates the physical world. Witchdoctors act as conduits between the people and the spirits. Acholi people often visit the witchdoctor in order to communicate with and please the spirits. Often these witchdoctors attempt to display their power by performing signs and wonders. Through traditional song and dance they can manipulate the minds of the people, whipping them up into a spiritual frenzy not at all unlike the charismatic “church” in America has been doing for many years. They advertise the ability to communicate with and convince the spirit realm to work for the people. For instance a witchdoctor may tell a person that a lack of economic prosperity is the fault of a dead relative who is hindering an economic “breakthrough.” As a result the witchdoctor might prescribe (after being paid a small fortune) a spiritual ritual for the family to perform in order to convince the dead relative to drop the economic curse on the family. The goal of religion then is to manipulate the spirit world to work on their behalf. Through incantations and rituals people work hard to convince the spirits to move in their favor.


There is very little difference between this form of animism and the false prosperity gospel. Instead of seeking help from the witchdoctor many are seeking out the assistance of “pastors” and “prophets”, self-proclaimed men of god, to learn how to create a spiritual “breakthrough” and earn the “favor” of god. Many people in Northern Uganda have traded in their visits with the witchdoctor in favor of visits to Sunday morning prayer at the local “church” where they sow their seeds of faith in order to prosper in the name of god. This is a false gospel and those of us who know the true Jesus must speak out against these deceptions which lead people AWAY from Christ..




First let’s talk about what the Acholi people do not need. They do not need more “spiritual gurus.” They do not need more religious platitudes or techniques. They do not need to be taught how to “listen to God” for a spiritual breakthrough. The last thing they need is to be distracted by false signs and wonders that mislead and manipulate their minds. They do not need more rituals in the form of meditation in order to “breakthrough” or “hear from God.”


So what do they need? They need to know that God has already spoken. He has spoken to us clearly through His Word. They need to know how to read and study God’s word. They need true knowledge of God. 2 Timothy 4: 2 tells us to “Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.” So how do we encourage, correct, and rebuke? We preach the Word of God!


Also we need to be active in calling out those who twist and manipulate the Word for their own selfish gain. One verse later Paul warns of these false teachers when he says “the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” This is clearly happening in America. Some of our largest churches are led by men who preach that God exists only to give them their best life now. Others are preaching distracting signs and wonders. Stories of gold and feathers falling from the sky are making a mockery of God’s glory. Rooms full of uncontrollable laughter and people being slain in the spirit are not true representations of the work of the Holy Spirit. Men of God need to speak out with clarity and conviction. Too many American pastors (I include myself in this number) have turned a blind eye to these lies for far too long. While we sat silent the false prophets have exported their perverted version of “Christianity” to the African continent and our silence is partly to blame.




As many honest theologians have pointed out in the past, the problem with the signs, wanders, and prosperity gospel is not that it promises too much but that it promises far too little. Why would we settle for a temporary healing when Christ offers us an eternal one? Why would we believe stories of golden glory clouds and falling feathers when the Word paints an exponentially more powerful picture of the glory of God? Why would we settle for material wealth when Christ offers us the gift of Himself. Christ is our reward and to settle for anything less than Him is an eternal mistake.


Four Corners is dedicated to teaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is communicated clearly in the Word of God. We are burdened for the state of the Church here in Northern Uganda and we believe that God has called us here to help correct it. Please pray for us as we continue this marathon of a battle against these false ideas. We have our second pastor/leader conference in September where our topic is simply “The Gospel.” It is our goal to teach clearly and effectively the essentials of the true Gospel. We hope to have many more conferences in the future. Please feel free to contact me if you or your church would like more information about how to participate in training, equipping, teaching, and leading these pastors to the Truth.


For His Glory,


Kristopher Mobbs


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As I (Julie) sit in the presence of my God this morning I am reminded of His immense greatness as the thunder roars through the skies. Our God is great and greatly to be praised. I rejoice this morning as I remember all that God has done since July 17th of last year. You see, our family had been in what we call “a wilderness period” for quite some time. We were fervently praying that God would show us our next step as He had brought us to a place of being able to say, “God, whatever the cost and whatever the sacrifice we are ready to go for the sake of of your name and your glory!”. For many many months we waited as God was preparing us for His perfect plan in His perfect timing.


And then…on July 17th of last year as we sat in Royce and Sandra Watkins’ home God clearly presented His desire and call for our family. The Great Commission “calls” all followers of Jesus and on this day He used two amazing people to show us what this “call” meant for our family. And yet, this was not about our family and it was not about Four Corners and it was not about Royce and Sandra but it was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God was answering our prayers because of His desire for His Son’s name to be shared across the nations.


As Kristopher and I sat that evening and listened to His plans being presented we were speechless. The emotions that were running through our hearts and our minds were many. We looked at each other as we went to bed and the only words we could say were, “What just happened?” The next morning we found ourselves on our knees acknowledging that in 5 and half months God wanted us to be on a plane with our 3 kids headed to the bush of Uganda. Humbled and blessed and completely dependent on God is where we found ourselves during the next 5 months as God accomplished in our lives what only God could accomplish in that amount of time.


So, here we are a year later praising God for who He is and rejoicing in His steadfast love. Our God answers prayers—not in our timing but in His perfect timing and we praise Him for that truth. His faithfulness reaches to the clouds. We see all that He is doing through His ministry here in Uganda and we acknowledge that He reigns as the Most High God! As Psalm 93 states, He is “Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty!”


We are continually grateful and our hearts are continually humbled by God’s great love for His people. His desire is for the nations to hear the name of Jesus. So, as we begin this new day may our prayer be that God would be exalted above the heavens and that His glory would be over all the earth. He alone is worthy!







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Greetings from our home in Uganda!


Can you believe it has been a year (1 month and some odd days) since we packed our bags, said our goodbyes and boarded a plane to our new home in Gulu, Uganda? We can say without a doubt this year has flown by, and at times stood still. God has surprised us and challenged us to grow closer to Him everyday. God has shown out in many ways at Abaana’s Hope this past year. God has had His hand on us and we continue to see Him use Abaana’s Hope to bring people to Christ while teaching them life skills.


As partners in this journey, we would like to take the time to update you on all things Abaana’s Hope! Here is a brief summary of several things that have happened this past year and some of the new things to come!


  • First, and most importantly, God has used Abaana’s Hope’s employment opportunities as an avenue to spread the gospel. We have seen God call many to Him, and their lives have been changed drastically. Because of the programs at Abaana’s Hope, people are learning to be productive, self-sufficient and radiant people who reflect the love of Jesus Christ.
  • Since we have arrived, Chase hit the ground running as the Abaana’s Hope Construction Manager! Under his leadership, his team has successfully completed a medical clinic, a children’s home, staff housing, two toilet blocks, six otlum (huts), a new borehole, a playground, a store room and a production well.


Medical Center Flooring During Construction


The Abaana’s Hope Medical Clinic



Construction on the Children’s Home



The Abaana’s Hope Children’s Home Completed



Toilet & Shower Block



Construction of the Otlums



One of Six Otlums at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Borehole at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Playground being Built



Mercy playing on the Abaana’s Hope Playground



Testing Out the New Swings



The Production Well



The Abaana’s Hope Store Room


  • We are excited to share that the Abaana’s Hope Chapel is 80% complete! We cannot wait to have a stable place for the church to grow together in Christ. We are also in the process of building a kitchen to feed the some 100 Abaana’s Hope employee’s two meals a day.


The Living Stones Community Church Ground Breaking



The Living Stone Community Church at Abaana’s Hope



Praise & Worship at the Church



The Kitchen is Currently Under Construction


  • Abaana’s Hope has expanded its outreach to come along side battered and widowed women in the Abaana’s Hope community. We are currently building a piggery to give these women, who have been caste aside to beg, hands on raining that will equip them with skills needed to help them earn a living, emerge from horrible poverty and despair.


Caroline at her new Otlum at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Piggery Currently Under Construction


  • The life beads jewelry program has official launched and Kimmey is the current director of the program in Uganda. Life beads employs 40 women and its vision is to empower women by training them to create unique pieces of jewelry out of paper and to restore the lives of women in Northern Uganda by teaching them about the one true God who empowers, creates and restores life for everyone.


The Life Beads Jewelry Makers & Interns


Even with so many amazing things that have been accomplished through Abaana’s Hope this past year, we know that God has plenty still in store for the rest of 2014.


We would like to say “thank you” for coming along side Abaana’s Hope and helping make a difference in the lives of the Acholi people group. We are beyond grateful to have so many friends and family members who have joined us on this journey to literally build a better future for the people in Northern Uganda.


We hope that through this journey you have felt connected and informed as to what God is doing at Abaana’s Hope. If you would like to hear more about the progress of the ministry, please feel free to contact us via email, or We would also love to sit down and speak with you, or your small group, in person this coming holiday season. If you wish to arrange a meeting, please email us to set up a time.


To God be the Glory,


Chase and Kimmey Barbrey


PS-One more picture. How beautiful is God’s creation?!



Abaana’s Hope Aerial View


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I am Royce Watkins, the new President of Four Corners Ministries. My wife, Sandra, and I spent about 16 months over the last two years serving at Abaana’s Hope in Northern Uganda. I have not had the privilege of meeting most of the people receiving this E-blast. We had a small number of family and friends who received our monthly updates while we were in Uganda. These monthly updates are posted on Four Corners Ministries’ website and will tell you something about us as we served the wonderful Acholi people and ministered to our missionaries while there. I had to return home in early March to have back surgery. It is a long healing process with an uncertain conclusion. Sandra returned home in April and the Board of Directors asked us to pray about filling the role of President/CEO of Four Corners Ministries since our return to Uganda was uncertain. Tripp Skipper was serving as President, but because his personal consultant business was growing, his time to devote to Four Corners had greatly diminished, and there was a need for full-time help in this position. Tripp resigned on Friday, May 16, 2014, and I began on Monday, May 19, 2014. I am humbled to fill this position with such a wonderful ministry that we truly believe in, and we ask for your prayers for wisdom and direction as we go forward in His plan for us. Only God can do that!


I would like to take a few moments of your time to share some of the things God has taught us over the past two years. We read in Mark 12:41-44 about an incident that parallels an experience we had in Uganda last year. “And he sat down opposite the treasury and watched the people putting money into the offering box. Many rich people put in large sums. And a poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which make a penny. And he called his disciples to him and said to them, ‘Truly, I say to you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the offering box. For they all contributed out of their abundance, but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.” Wow! Have you ever given out of your poverty? I have not, but I have seen it done in Uganda, and this is the story I want to share with you that affirms that only God can do that.


When Sandra and I left Uganda last November to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we had been there for 10 straight months. For over six of those months, Sandra had been part of a ministry at Abaana’s Hope that enables women of the community to make jewelry that provides an income for them and eventually a profit source to Abaana’s Hope. I say ministry because the primary goal is not profit to Abaana’s Hope, but it is to minister to these ladies. Now, after over a year of making jewelry, the ladies are producing beautiful jewelry that is being sold at jewelry shows and shops in the U.S. Above everything else we do at Abaana’s Hope, this is the ministry that most grips Sandra’s heart. She loves these precious women and they love her. They call her “Mama Sandra” out of respect or age or both. The last three baby girls birthed by these ladies before we left were named Sandra. When they learned that we would be leaving for a period of time, they wanted to bring her gifts. She received several gifts that were definitely a sacrifice for the these ladies, such as chickens, beans, jackfruit, g-nuts (peanuts), two clay pottery jars, a gourd water jug, a hand made stool and an envelope from a lady named Anna (not her real name) who became a Christ-follower a few months earlier.


Anna and her youngest child (4-year old girl) were run off from their home by her husband when he took another wife. She had no place to go and was given temporary refuge by one of our jewelry ladies, which brought her to becoming a part of the jewelry program. Anna eventually was provided a place to stay near a family member in Kitgum, a five-hour walk from Abaana’s Hope. Every week, she walked five hours with her little girl to make jewelry for income and five hours back to Kitgum. The jewelry ministry was from 10:00-4:00 four days a week, but there are two groups; so two days a week, Anna left home with her little girl at 5:00 AM and returned home at 9:00 PM in order to make a little money to feed her daughter and herself. When Sandra opened the envelope Anna gave her (she was with our translator), she saw it contained a simple but heartfelt note from Anna that someone, who had learned to write English, completed for Sandra. It also contained 5,000 shillings (about $2)! Sandra immediately told the translator that she could not take this money that Anna needed so badly for food. Our translator replied, “But Mama, you must! She is learning to give out of her poverty.” Only God can do that! He did it for the widow in Mark 12 and He did it for Anna. God is teaching us so much through the Ugandan people about Himself and His Word. That’s right, only God can do that!


As Americans, it is almost impossible to give out of our “poverty” so let’s, at least, give out of our“abundance” as God directs us. Let’s “not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” (Matthew 6:19-20) Four Corners Ministries is currently engaged in a capital campaign to raise money for Abaana’s Hope. I want to unapologetically appeal to you to consider and pray about giving a 3-year pledge to the ministry at Abaana’s Hope. Some of you are able to give $500 a year or $1,500 total over the three years. Others are able to give $50,000 a year for 3 years. After spending 16 months in Northern Uganda, I can assure you any gift you give will go for ministering to an unreached people group devastated by war, most with little hope and a great need for our loving, redeeming Savior. For 24 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led initially by Alice Lakwena and later by Joseph Kony, waged a war against the Government of Uganda (GoU) that left nearly two million innocent civilians caught in the middle. An African proverb says it well: “When two elephants fight, the grass beneath is crushed.” The GoU’s attempt to protect its citizens from this rebel militia resulted in the placement of scores in IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. Many were born and lived over 10 years in these camps. Many died in these camps due to a lack of adequate food, water and healthcare.


In addition to those living in IDP camps, some were captured and remained in the LRA for many, many years. Young boys only seven or eight years old were forced to kill family and friends. Young girls were raped and used as sex slaves. Both boys and girls were taught and forced to fight and kill or be killed. There was not a single family in Northern Uganda that was not affected by this war. At Abaana’s Hope, these are the people we serve and minister to on a daily basis. Only God can bring people like our missionaries to give their lives so others can know Him in a place like the remote bush where Abaana’s Hope is located.


This is the backdrop of FCM’s work in Uganda. Many of our Acholi friends in Northern Uganda have no concept of what love means or how it is demonstrated. Consequently, FCM’s Board of Directors recognized a need to build a Village of Hope to reach out to the vulnerable children and adults in a remote area about 20 miles from Gulu, the nearest town. God’s Word tells us in James 1:27 that religion that is pure and pleasing to God is religion that does the Word by taking care of and looking after orphans and widows in distress. That is the foundation of the vision for Abaana’s Hope. The ultimate goal of Abaana’s Hope is to help empower the current and future Acholi leaders, to lift them up and fill them with love and hope found in the true gospel of Jesus Christ so that they might do the same for their families and neighbors. Only God can provide this love and hope!


Would you pray about becoming a partner with us in this ministry? We would love for you to participate in a mission trip to Abaana’s Hope and see for yourself what God is doing. His hand is on this ministry. We’ve seen things that could only happen because of God. We’ve seen a 78-year old man, who was a known drunk in the area for decades, become a Christ-follower and quit drinking. He now regularly attends weekly worship and a discipleship class. Then shortly after that, the store owner where the drunk bought his waragi (a cheap, plastic zip-lock type of bag of alcohol) became a Christ-follower along with his wife (a jewelry ministry lady). They felt God leading them to stop selling waragi and He has continued to provide for their needs in spite of the loss of alcohol sales. We now have 42 ladies in the jewelry ministry and 40 have become Christ-followers who are passionate about worship with many in discipleship classes. Oh, one more. Anna, who gave Sandra the envelop with the 5,000 Shillings was restored to her husband, and through counsel of Abaana’s Hope Pastor, he became a Christ-follower. They now worship at Abaana’s Hope and are in a discipleship class. Only God can do these things!


God has blessed Abaana’s Hope with a 100 acre plot as our main facility and a 12 acre plot to house widows and vulnerable women. He has also blessed us with some amazing missionaries who are passionate for spreading the gospel of Christ. He has blessed us with missionaries who have gifts and skills to build buildings at Abaana’s Hope to reach the people of our area. In early 2015, our Medical Clinic will be seeing patients who need physical help while we also provide spiritual help. Within the next two months, our Chapel will be complete to house the 200+ Sunday worshipers as we also open the Chapel to community meetings and have men, women and children’s Bible conferences. Buildings that are completed are a Maize Mill, Staff Housing, the Women’s Refuge Center with five ot lums (round, traditional homes with grass roofs), a Caretaker Facility providing a place for our Farm Manager to live, and a Kitchen to feed our 120+ workers. We also have two bore holes (wells) to provide clean, fresh, safe drinking water for the community. We have a production well to provide clean, safe water to our buildings and toilet facilities. We have a Family Group Home to house vulnerable children with Biblically trained house parents. God has also blessed us with a wonderful, Biblically trained Pastor to lead our church and disciple those who have become Christ-followers. Only God can do this!


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