Acen Kevin



Kevin was born on January 7,1992. Mama Sandra(Sandra Watkins) was asking for women to come and learn about bead making. She heard about it through a friend. She was chosen from a group of women to come work and learn bead rolling.

Kevin is from Kinene and grew up in the area. She came from a family of 3 children. She lost her parents when she was young and her uncle took care of her .

She got married to David in 2015. She has 2 children with the newest born in February 2017.

She was educated up to P5. That’s when she lost her mother to sickness and her father was abducted from the LRA and she never saw him again.

Now she can work and provide for her family and says she doesn’t worry like before. Kevin is thankful for the beads ministry that helps provide life.

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