Apiyo Lucy



Apiyo Lucy was born in December, 1996 in Kinene. She is the second born in her family and has five siblings. Even though she was young during the war, she remembers attacks from the LRA Rebels. During the war, her family relocated to a IDP camp in Paicho. It was there, at the IDP camp, that her father was abducted by the rebel forces. After some time, her father was able to escape and return back to her family. The rebels sought revenge for her father escaping and came looking for his family with the intentions of killing Lucy’s mother. The rebels came and tied up her mother and took her older brother. The rebels left without killing her mom and they found her brother alive and unharmed thrown into the bush a little ways from the IDP camp.

Eventually, her family was able to return to their village home in Kinene. Lucy was able to attend school up until P7. In 2014 she gave birth to a little boy through a painful pregnancy that ended in a c-section. She is a single mother.

Lucy enjoys being apart of the Life Beads Ministry because she is able to learn more about God through Bible study and is also able to financially care for her son.

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