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I will begin with thanking God for who He is and Him being in control of everything that happens under the sun. The month of July has been the most difficult for the people of South Sudan. We were supposed to celebrate our 5th independence anniversary but all turned into full-scale war. This war was nothing I witnessed before, the fight broke out on the on the July 07 between the solders loyal to President and his deputy and the following day the two leaders met to discuss about the incident while meeting the fight broke again outside the presidential palace where over 370 people lost their lives in that evening alone. I was in the guest house to meet our friend Ben who when to Nuba Mountains to share the gospel. On my way back home the solders has stop me and checking my bag and they are asking if I have any gun with me. I told them I have no gun but I have bible they said “pastor go home and do not come out because things are going to get worse in next few house” by the time I am getting home less than 10 minutes I hard the gun fire and that was all out war!!


The following day more soldiers were deployed in the Juba and early Sunday (I was supposed to go and preach on that Sunday) the worse began in Juba and all the surrounding areas in Juba and other parts of the country engaged in full scale civil war…thousands of people have lost their lives in just matter of one week. Many people have been displaced from their homes and many are still looking for their loved ones. Many people want exit the country but the government could not allow anyone to go especially for the grown up man. The hope of building strong and Christian nation is becoming unreachable. However, in the middle of this war God have given us the privilege of serving other people who are in need of food and shelter. We have both Sudanese and Ugandans who came and took refugee at our house and we were able to show the love of Christ in the times of difficulties. We almost run out of food that time but we have the plenty of cassava leaves and we were able to eat and God has blessed it for us.


Brothers and sisters I have seen God working through this and I can tell you I am the one person that do not even hear gunshot and even to be close to guns…but in this war I was strong and positive because of out pouring prayers of believers in America. I was able to go into town to look for the food for my family when gun was silence. The bodies are all over the place and what I have not seen in my lifetime I have seen it.


I am so thankful for FCM and all of you that have given generously to evacuation me, Charles and the rest of my family from Juba. It was not easy for me and Charles to leave the country because all men are not allowed to exit the country. We have to go through national security and military intelligence office to clear us to exit the country. We have final made to Uganda and find a place to rent.


After getting house in Kampala we went back to border of South Sudan and Uganda to pick mother and rest of family and then to Kampala. I want thank all of you once again for the collectively effort from many different people to make this possible. Pray that God will continue to meet the financial needs as we have moved in new place which is safe and peacefully but we have to buy everything that we are going to need. Back in South Sudan we have our own garden that we have all the vegetables we need but here in Kampala we do not have. Pray and share our stories with you family and friends to consider giving monthly to support me here in Uganda.


God is not done with South Sudan I am planning to go back there when things get better but the family will have to be here in Kampala and I will have to travel in between. South Sudan needs gospel and nothing is going to stop us from sharing Christ, we serve a mighty God!! Thank you for your prayers and support in this most difficult time in the history of country.


To God be the glory forever and ever amen!


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