Moody Family Update

Moody Family


Hey everybody! We hope this update finds you all well. As we get closer to our departure, and certainly when we are on the field, we want to keep everyone as up to date as possible on what we are doing, and more importantly on what God is doing. As I (Josh) type this, we leave in EXACTLY 9 weeks (Tuesday, May 24). Things are certainly beginning to get real. We are now at about the same length of time before departure that we were at last time when we got delayed. Anything past this will be new territory for us.


Currently, Kim is busy learning how to keep our family, teammates, and friends healthy in the bush. Right now, she is just outside of Asheville, NC attending Equip International’s Missionary Medical Intensive. She has covered everything from how to stitch up cuts, to delivering babies, to diagnosing and treating tropical diseases. It is literally a crash course in bush medicine. For nearly the last two weeks, they have been going literally from 8 a.m. until around 11:30 p.m. most nights. She has a couple of more days before she gets home. We know that the information she has obtained will potentially be lifesaving for someone in the bush…..but the kids and I are really…..really………..really ready for mom to get back. Pray for her these last couple of days and she completes her training.


When she gets back, our family is going to have a few days together of “downtime” due to the kids having spring break, and then we are putting the pedal to the medal. We still have supplies to purchase, logistics to work out, doctors appointments to finish up, and other general business that goes into moving your family to the other side of the world.


We get asked all the time how our fundraising is going. God has been so faithful in providing what we need, when we need it. We really have two “types” of fundraising. We have our one time expenses that people can give a one time donation toward. These are things like airfare, our vehicle, setting up our house, etc. Praise be to God, we have met and even exceeded our target goal for our one time expenses.


We also have our recurring monthly expenses. As the name suggests, these expenses that recur every month, like our living expenses, any utilities, fuel, salary, etc. Typically if someone wanted to support us in this way, it would be a recurring monthly donation. To date, we are still a little short of where we would like to be on the monthly support. However, we know God will provide every penny needed.


We are so thankful for faithful churches and individuals who have come alongside us financially in any way. Most have been with us from the beginning and did not waiver a bit when we were delayed. That speaks volumes. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We would also ask you to pray and consider supporting as well. If you or your church may be interested in partnering with us financially, simply click here. Feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook for more information or if you have questions.


Lastly, please join us in prayer over the next couple of months. Pray for me, to lead my family well Spiritually, emotionally, and physically as we prepare for this new journey. Pray for Kim as she prepares to pack our lives into 24 plastic totes to take to another continent. Pray for our children, that God will build excitement and anticipation for the move. Pray for our teammates at Abaana’s Hope and for the Acholi people they are ministering to, that God will continue to move in major ways, and the gospel will continue to be made known.


I will continue to update as often as time will allow. Thank you all for tagging along with us on this new adventure.
God bless,
The Moody Tribe


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