One Year Ago Today…

Mobbs Family


As I (Julie) sit in the presence of my God this morning I am reminded of His immense greatness as the thunder roars through the skies. Our God is great and greatly to be praised. I rejoice this morning as I remember all that God has done since July 17th of last year. You see, our family had been in what we call “a wilderness period” for quite some time. We were fervently praying that God would show us our next step as He had brought us to a place of being able to say, “God, whatever the cost and whatever the sacrifice we are ready to go for the sake of of your name and your glory!”. For many many months we waited as God was preparing us for His perfect plan in His perfect timing.


And then…on July 17th of last year as we sat in Royce and Sandra Watkins’ home God clearly presented His desire and call for our family. The Great Commission “calls” all followers of Jesus and on this day He used two amazing people to show us what this “call” meant for our family. And yet, this was not about our family and it was not about Four Corners and it was not about Royce and Sandra but it was about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God was answering our prayers because of His desire for His Son’s name to be shared across the nations.


As Kristopher and I sat that evening and listened to His plans being presented we were speechless. The emotions that were running through our hearts and our minds were many. We looked at each other as we went to bed and the only words we could say were, “What just happened?” The next morning we found ourselves on our knees acknowledging that in 5 and half months God wanted us to be on a plane with our 3 kids headed to the bush of Uganda. Humbled and blessed and completely dependent on God is where we found ourselves during the next 5 months as God accomplished in our lives what only God could accomplish in that amount of time.


So, here we are a year later praising God for who He is and rejoicing in His steadfast love. Our God answers prayers—not in our timing but in His perfect timing and we praise Him for that truth. His faithfulness reaches to the clouds. We see all that He is doing through His ministry here in Uganda and we acknowledge that He reigns as the Most High God! As Psalm 93 states, He is “Mightier than the thunders of many waters, mightier than the waves of the sea, the Lord on high is mighty!”


We are continually grateful and our hearts are continually humbled by God’s great love for His people. His desire is for the nations to hear the name of Jesus. So, as we begin this new day may our prayer be that God would be exalted above the heavens and that His glory would be over all the earth. He alone is worthy!







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