One Year & One Month & Lots of Progress

Abaana's Hope


Greetings from our home in Uganda!


Can you believe it has been a year (1 month and some odd days) since we packed our bags, said our goodbyes and boarded a plane to our new home in Gulu, Uganda? We can say without a doubt this year has flown by, and at times stood still. God has surprised us and challenged us to grow closer to Him everyday. God has shown out in many ways at Abaana’s Hope this past year. God has had His hand on us and we continue to see Him use Abaana’s Hope to bring people to Christ while teaching them life skills.


As partners in this journey, we would like to take the time to update you on all things Abaana’s Hope! Here is a brief summary of several things that have happened this past year and some of the new things to come!



Medical Center Flooring During Construction


The Abaana’s Hope Medical Clinic



Construction on the Children’s Home



The Abaana’s Hope Children’s Home Completed



Toilet & Shower Block



Construction of the Otlums



One of Six Otlums at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Borehole at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Playground being Built



Mercy playing on the Abaana’s Hope Playground



Testing Out the New Swings



The Production Well



The Abaana’s Hope Store Room



The Living Stones Community Church Ground Breaking



The Living Stone Community Church at Abaana’s Hope



Praise & Worship at the Church



The Kitchen is Currently Under Construction



Caroline at her new Otlum at the Women’s Refuge Center



The Piggery Currently Under Construction



The Life Beads Jewelry Makers & Interns


Even with so many amazing things that have been accomplished through Abaana’s Hope this past year, we know that God has plenty still in store for the rest of 2014.


We would like to say “thank you” for coming along side Abaana’s Hope and helping make a difference in the lives of the Acholi people group. We are beyond grateful to have so many friends and family members who have joined us on this journey to literally build a better future for the people in Northern Uganda.


We hope that through this journey you have felt connected and informed as to what God is doing at Abaana’s Hope. If you would like to hear more about the progress of the ministry, please feel free to contact us via email, or We would also love to sit down and speak with you, or your small group, in person this coming holiday season. If you wish to arrange a meeting, please email us to set up a time.


To God be the Glory,


Chase and Kimmey Barbrey


PS-One more picture. How beautiful is God’s creation?!



Abaana’s Hope Aerial View


The Gospel Sent


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