South Sudan Update

Bullen Timo


Dear partners in the gospel of Jesus Christ,


It has been crazy month of June with all of its ups and down but above all our God reigns and his Kingdom will never end. One of the difficult things we have dealt with as ministry of FCM was passing of our team member faithful servant of Christ Myron West. This man has challenged us to lay down our lives for the gospel to enter all tribes and all nations. We are rejoicing and celebrating incredible work that he had done among people of Africa.


Juba is still crazy in many ways but I love this place and God is connecting me with so many different people and I am grateful for that. I have moved in my two-roomed house and I love it and I am thankful that I can stay at my house and share the love of Christ with other people who are around me. I am nine miles outside the city. Going to city is another story, I walk half mile to get to the main road and then three and half miles to get to the bus station and then to town. Coming back the same way… I am growing old on this road my friends!!! There is no electricity and running water where I live.


My nearest water pump is about half mile, some times I can go and collect water and carry them home and I can tell you it was not fun at all, but now I am getting used to this blessed life style that Lord had given me and am grateful for that. (If you and your church want help us by drilling well close to our home and community that will be greatest gift you can ever give to the whole village). I met an old lady at well and decided to help her by carry her water and then come and get my water it was not the best thing but I am glad the older lady has water to drink. I can see how hard for the ladies in South Sudan walking miles to collect water. Older lady and I both met at the well and God is using those relationships for his glory… the next time she came to our house for the women fellowship that is the ministry my mother was part of. The ladies go around homes every Tuesday to fellowship and share the love of Christ and pray for each other. I thank God for meeting her and inviting her to come to attend the fellowship.


I want thank God for the opportunity that He has given to me to start bible study with our local Church. We have started the gospel of John and we are not even finished the first Chapter so far we are still in the verse 18. It was great response from our group and many people are every excited to see how John introduced Jesus. It is our prayers by the time we finish first chapter many eyes will open to the truth of the gospel. Also I have met with some of Students who are from North Sudan and are currently studying in Juba and other places in East Africa. We are planning to start small group to study bible and everyone will be invited including the Muslims. Pray for us as we have all these in plan and I trust that Lord is about do some thing that we have ever witnessed in the history of our country.


I also wanted thank all of you for your prayers as many of you know that I have been helping our team member Ben by purchasing over 4000 Arabic bibles and now all those bibles have made to North Sudan. Pray for him, as he is current in Nuba Mountains sharing the gospel of Christ in one of dangerous places on earth. We all thank God for Ben for his obedience to the call of God.




I want thank many of you for responding to call for buying Nuer bibles, in coming days we are going buy all those bibles and give to Bishop John Gattek so that he can give to his members. His church have gone through a lot in the past civil war, I am glad that we are coming to help them by giving bibles and also help in training pastors. If you want ask you church or small group to help us we will appreciate it so much the cost of bible is only $2 you can donate to Four Corners under Bullen Timo.


Also I want praise God for our friend Kenyi whom God has blessed with baby girl, yesterday he came with new friend Malish who is also young man. Pray for those two as I share Christ with them.




Pray for me as I planning to put fence around my house, the price of everything has gone higher; my original budget is not going to cover. Fence is very important it can provide some security also my solar penal budget will not be able to cover. If you want help in any way I will appreciate. Pray for more connections in coming days so that I will be able to share and engage with other churches in Juba area. Pray for computer since I get here my computer is not working I am not sure what is issue.


Thank you very much for all you have done so far for the Kingdom of God! I know I am not alone here your prayers and sweet notes and encouraging emails have given me more Joy and peace to continue with what God has called me to do. Thanks for your love for Christ and His people!!! Together we are team for the gospel and this gospel shall be preached to the END!




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