The Countdown is on……..Again.

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Hey everyone.  It’s been a while since we have posted, because quite frankly, we have been so busy with eight kids that we haven’t been able to see straight.  The last several months have been very difficult.  Our lives were turned upside down.  We have battled sickness in kids.  We have dealt (the best we can) with emotionally fragile children (our niece and nephew AND our own).  We’ve spent most every night up with at least one child.  Kim and I have had days when we absolutely did not think we could take any more.  But God never left.  We survived another day and then another and another.  He poured out grace upon grace and proved Himself faithful.  Everyday.



By His grace, last Tuesday, February 2nd, our niece and nephew whom we had grown to love like our own children got to be reunited with family in the care of their mom and grandparents.  Please continue to pray for all of them as they begin this healing process.


So that brings us back to Uganda and Abaana’s Hope.  We are beyond excited to let everyone know that after a lot of prayer, we have rebooked our flights and we now have a new departure date of May 24th!!!


Why May 24th?  Why not like next week?  Well, to be honest, with all that has gone on over the last 6 months, we have had to put our move on the back burner.  We haven’t been able to focus on Africa very much.  So we first of all have to re-focus our attention on Uganda.  We have to finish purchasing supplies and working out logistics.  (Turns out, moving your family to the other side of the planet is quite the undertaking.)  Kim also has a two week bush medicine course that she is taking in North Carolina in March.  This is a missionary medical intensive that specializes in teaching missionaries medical skills in remote places where medical care might not be easily accessible.  We feel like this course will be invaluable for our time in the bush in Uganda.  The last reason, and one of the most important is that we want the kids to be able to finish out the school year.  Their world is about to be turned upside down as it is.  There is no reason to uproot them with two months of school left.


So that’s it.  In just a few months, God willing, we will be on the ground serving in Uganda.  We are ready to get there, but we are so thankful for the lessons God has shown us and for the opportunity to pour into our niece and nephew over the last six months.  He is good and gracious beyond our comprehension!


From the day this is being typed, we have 107 days!  Let the countdown begin……….again!
We would appreciate your continued prayers!
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