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Bullen Timo


To God be the glory for grate things he has done…. It has been already one mouth since I left the states and made back to South Sudan. The joy of being home and hearing your own language and many other languages. Singing songs in my native language and talking with old friends after many years has been a blessing to me.


Juba is a new place for me and I have not stayed here for many days at all but now it is officially my home and I will be dowelling here for some times as the Lord leads. There are so many things in this BIG city with millions on people, some came from their home land to take refugee here and some migrate here for work and others found them self there from neighboring countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Central African and Sudan. All those here are working or doing small businesses in this city.


Juba is place with many people from different walk of life… when you go on the streets you can see the hopelessness in the faces of many people and the need for the gospel is sever in this land. There are churches here but most of the churches are congregating on tribal bases which can be seen with other tribes as some thing that they are not part of. The need for discipleship among the believers to help them in their walk with Lord so that they can make disciples of other nations/ tribes is present.


Economic situation in the country is getting worse and worse. The price of goods and food items are very higher. Due to conflicts many people were not able to cultivate their gardens or forced to live their land. Therefore, it has become difficult for the people to afford to buy food for their families and those who are working have not being paid in four months. Life is very had for many in Juba but God is using this to draw Sudanese to Him self and you can see the joy in the midst of all this issues.


In the past three weeks I have been working to finish my house, which is still working progress, and I have been working in my garden. But above all sharing the gospel and love of Christ with those that I come in contact with. God have blessed me with good people around me and I have peace of mind this is what He had called me to do and I love it so much. Meeting with one of top generals at my house for coffee and eating mango together was a blessing for me to spend time with this man. Also Bishop John from Bentiu whose church have been destroyed by this current conflict praying with him as his church members where living in UN camps in order to be protected from order tribes who is killing them. Working along my side in the farm with Mika who have just separated with his wife or spending time with my dear Kenyi who is seeking hope and new life but could not find any because he is not seeking God’s Kingdom.


God is doing His work brothers and sisters my own sin gave me millions of reasons not to come back in this land of South Sudan. The land that has war with itself, people are killing each other and suffering is present everywhere you turn. People are running out of here instead of running in here. But our God is bigger that all of those issues. He sends me back here in the middle of all this to have Joy and peace in my heart and see things from His prospective. I want thank God for what He has already done and a lot to come in future. He is my comfort, rock, defender and Lord. I have asked nothing from him but over flowing JOY! To keep me going in this land and share His love with others.


Thanks for your prayers and support. Some of you are generous enough to give monthly to support me in South Sudan. Your kindness and love is true evidence of partnerships in the gospel of Christ. Giving your money and praying for missionaries is not easy…. Not everyone wants do. You can keep your money for your self and enjoy good life…. But what will be result of that for some one who is lost and in need of savior? Or you can give small amount for the work of the Lord so that this gospel shall be preached and people get saved and spend eternity in the presence of Lord for eternity. This is what you need to ask your family, small groups, faith family… The gospel is now!!! And we can wait for any more enemy is giving every reason not to go and preach the gospel but we know this massage of good news is unstoppable!!!


Pray for the gospel work to spread through out this land to all 64 tribes of South Sudan, Pray for Kenyi, Mika, and our discipleship program that we are planning to begin in July. Pray for Bishop John who is need of Nuer bibles for him members (bible cost $2 here in Juba). Pray for peace in our country and also pray for transportation in Juba. It is very hard to get around here pray that God will provide for us used car that we can afford to buy.


Blessings upon blessings!


Bullen Timo


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