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ACAYO MARGARET was born in Awach in 1983, one of 8 children and was never able to attend school. The Rebels came to her home and abducted her when she was 12 years of age. They also abducted two of her brothers and cut them into pieces in front of her. At the age of 14, the Rebels gave her a gun and taught her to shoot then started moving them to Sudan. Many days they had no food and were made to walk long distances without water, and they suffered from diarrhea. They were allowed to sleep 2 hours each night then started moving again. After 5 years, they were moving near Kitgum and were engaged in fighting with the Ugandan Army. During the crossfire, she crossed to the government soldiers, raised her hands and surrendered. She was then taken to GOSCO (Gulu Support the Children Organization). After 2 months, her parents heard a radio announcement that she had been returned and they came for her and took her back to Awach. She met her husband and married and gave birth to a little girl in 2001. In 2002, while digging in the garden, her husband was killed by the Rebels. She remarried a man from Cwero in 2004 and gave birth to 2 more children. She became a Christ-follower in 2012. Her husband, Alfred, works for ABAANA’S HOPE.

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