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ACAYO ROSE was born in 1972 in Piget, one of 7 children. Three of her siblings died from Sickle Cell. She attended school to P3 and was married in 1987. She gave birth in 1990, but the child was stillborn. She then gave birth to two more children before her husband was abducted by the Rebels in 1995. The Ugandan Army rescued him in 1997. After returning, he was never the same. She stayed with him but was fearful for herself and the children. She gave birth to another child then her husband died. She remarried in 2003 and had 3 children by this marriage then divorced in 2008. In 2010, she returned to her parents in Kinene. She became a Christ-follower after hearing the gospel at ABAANA’S HOPE in 2013.

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