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AKELLO SCOVIA was born in Pader in 1989, one of eight children. Two of the children died from measles. Her parents divorced in 1995. As her mother was preparing to take them to an IDP camp in 1997, Scovia was captured by the rebels and held for nine years. She was so young the rebels had to carry her because she couldn’t walk the long distances. They finally reached Palotake,

Joseph Kony’s largest base camp, near the South Sudan border. When they reached the rebel camp, many died from cholera. She had cholera and they were separated from the others. They were placed near a well so they could get water but had no food. Twenty to thirty people died each day. Even though they were sick and weak, they were forced to train as soldiers. She was taken for six months’ training and given a gun in 1999. In 2000, they were taken to fight the SPLA (Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army) soldiers. She was shot three times during the crossfire and two bullets still remain in her body. In 2004, she surrendered to the Ugandan army at Awach. She was 14 and was brought to the barracks in Gulu along with five others. She was then taken to World Vision

Rehabilitation Center for one month then returned to an IDP camp in Pader where she was reunited with her mother. Because of the essential supplies she received from the rehabilitation center, the village people became jealous and tried to poison her. She almost died. Her mother tried to take her to the witch doctor, but she refused and just started crying out to God. God heard her cry and led her to a group of worshippers. She joined them and started worshipping with them. Scovia met her husband Lacony Geoffrey who works at Abaana’s Hope and moved to Kinene. They have one little girl and she gave birth to a little boy in 2014. She says God has been so good to her.

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