Auma Grace



Born January 5, 1983. She is from Kamora. Auma Grace has 5 children. Omara Felix is 16, Rubengene Richard is 14, Ochora Junior is 11, Ayeerwort Jamilia is 8, and Lakirca Murrine is 5. She has had 1 child that has passed on when she was abducted and living in the bush. God’s grace brought her to Abaana’s Hope. The first time she was looking for a job there were tons of people and there was a drawing for the ladies. Grace was #5. She came back the next day to start work. At this time she couldn’t support her children or have the strength to dig in her garden.

At a young age she was abducted by the rebels. She was injured and has a bullet still in her chest and leg. This has made it hard for to work in the garden. She has had operations to try to remove the bullets and help her injuries. She was brought to the Women Refuge center because she was still struggled with taking care of her family. Women Refuge Center helped her save money and she bought land and built a home for her family.

Grace says God has taken away, but He has also given.

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