Lakot Lilly



LAKOT LILLY was born in Awach in 1975, one of four children. She completed P5 before they moved to Awach IDP Camp in 1991. Her family worked a garden outside the camp to provide food. They had gone to the garden to harvest sim sim when rebels came, capturing her father. They never saw her father again but were told that he had been killed. They searched for him but never found him or his remains. Lilly stayed in the Awach Camp with her mom and met her husband who was visiting an uncle in the camp. They had one child then moved to an IDP camp in Bobi where another uncle of her husband lived. They had four children born in the Bobi camp and one died from malaria in 2006 at the age of six months. Her mother also died in the Bobi camp in 2008. In 2009 they returned to her husband’s land in Kinene. Her husband Ojok Quinto works at Abaana’s Hope. Lilly is working to provide food for her family and school fees for her children and has also become a Christ-follower.

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