Lina Chalo



Chalo was born in 1962. She was 1of 8 in her family. She grew up with her grandmother in Cwero after she lost her mother. The grandmother then abandoned them and the 8 had to take care of themselves. The oldest brother was in charge and the oldest sister cooked for them.

She got married at 16 because life was so hard, but he passed away only 3 months after marriage. She went back to stay with her brothers and sisters. Later she got married to another man in 1977. She gave birth to 9 children and took on 7 more from marriage. She later moved out when life became difficult.

Working at Abaana’s Hope she realizes God has helped her provide for her children. She is thankful. When she is here at work she has a peaceful heart and mind. Pray God’s grace may reign on her life.

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