Last Ministry Day Underway in Sudan



The team is physically exhausted but their spirits are strong. I don’t know if you realize it but this mobile medical team is the first of its kind in Western Mundri County. Work has been done in East Mundri County but so many of the folks in the villages that we are visiting have never seen a doctor. By the end of the day the team will have seen over 750 patients.


For the family members that were left behind I encourage you to prepare yourself for the stories that will be communicated once the team returns. They have seen a depth of physical pain and suffering that will be difficult to put into words. The pictures and videos will help but they only go so far in helping each team member unpack all that is in their head. Be patient with them. The reality of life in Sudan has set in and the images are a lot to process.


We give all the glory to the Lord. He is writing a story with each of our lives. We give thanks for the goers as well as those that sent. It’s all about Him!


God Bless,


Tripp Skipper
Mundri, Sudan


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