Uganda 11/24/2009



We just finished with our evening share time and the devotion tonight talked about the value of a rubber band. It’s value is only determined by how far it can be stretched- today we were definitely like rubber bands- very stretched. We traveled to a remote village called Moomba to do ministry today in a church. We were greeted by many of the church members in their “sanctuary” which was really some small branches tied together with pieces of torn banana leaves and covered by a tarp. They were singing worship songs when we arrived and then they treated us to a “traditional African dance”.


Everywhere we looked there were eyes watching us…it was quite obvious that many of the village people have not seen many Americans- they were very timid, shy, and some where actually afraid of us. The medical team shared tonight that when they were able to start this morning (broken down bus along they way) they were given a booklet with 220 names in it- these were the names of the people that had spent the night next to the church last night just because they heard that there was going to be a medical team and medicine in their village today. The team was able to see all of those people, but when they left this afternoon there were as many people still outside the building as were actually seen today. The optical team has a similar story- many people helped, but many more left behind without treatment. The children’s carnival had at least 150 children or more and once the children realized that there was nothing to be afraid of if someone was “blowing bubbles” or balloons, they had a wonderful time.


The women’s ministry was not actually in a building or structure because they just pulled a few benches out beside one of the structures and then we began. At first the women were very shy, but once we began sharing with the women, they really began to interact with us. We shared with them about Christian marriage principles, hygiene topics- including a lesson on how to floss your teeth(something they had NEVER heard of!). We also studied the book of Ruth. It occurred to me tonight as we were sharing that one of the points that we have been learning from this study is that God had a plan for Ruth in the midst of her despair, in the midst of her hurt- He had a plan for Hope and Peace. That is what we are standing on with our brothers and sisters in the Moomba village- God has a plan for them, a plan for Hope and Peace. He is the all powerful, and all knowing Provider for them- not our medical team or optical team or carnival team. In fact- even though we have already run out of a lot of supplies- the most important thing that we brought with us is the Holy Spirit in each of us. His strength is perfect, when we are at the end of ourselves.


Melodi Isbell
Church of Brook Hills (SCMD)


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